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Saturday Pop Quiz!


This week, the New York Times featured three different perspectives on Senator Clinton’s presidential candidacy, written by three different women. It’s a little confusing since I thought, as women, we all had the same view of Clinton and will vote for her with our vajayjays come primary time (that is a colorful image, isn’t it?). Anyhow, put your feminine confusion aside and match the quote with its author:

1. “there is still no “right” way to be a woman in public power without being considered a you-know-what.”

2. “I hate the thought that women feel beaten down, backed into a corner, overwhelmed and near to breaking point, as Hillary appeared to be in the debate Saturday night. And I hate even more that they’ve got to see a strong, smart and savvy woman cut down to size before they can embrace her as one of their own.”

3. “She became emotional because she feared that she had reached her political midnight, when she would suddenly revert to the school girl with geeky glasses and frizzy hair, smart but not the favorite. All those years in the shadow of one Natural, only to face the prospect of being eclipsed by another Natural?”

A. Maureen Dowd

B. Gloria Steinem

C. Judith Warner

Answers (and links) below. For incisive Portly Dyke commentary on one of these editorials, at Shakesville, click here. But not before you take a stab at the quiz, because that would be cheating. (more…)


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